Expressing that a significant part of the toys offered for sale do not meet the necessary safety and health criteria, experts point out that parents are more aware of choosing the right toys than before.

Health and confidence in the choice of toys are two important titles that complement each other. It is necessary to pay attention to two of them. When buying toys, stay away from toys made of materials that are flammable, flammable, smell bad, and are at risk of poisoning. Take care that the toys do not contain heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Children's efforts to recognize toys by mouth and fingers are a common occurrence. Protect your child from adverse conditions caused by toy parts, such as swallowing, escaping into the windpipe, fingers and limbs being stuck. Toys; they can cause injuries from hard, cutting and breakable materials. In order not to encounter this situation, check whether the toys comply with safety standards.”

Toys with batteries can be dangerous

When the batteries in the toy wait for a long time, the chemicals in it may leak. Make sure that the connections of the batteries and electrical cables in the toys are hidden so that your child does not come into contact with the batteries and does not reach the open electrical cables.

Choose toys according to the age of your child.

Choose toys that are suitable for your child's age group. Remember that toys selected by age group will support your child's physical, emotional and mental development. Stay away from all toys that normalize the concepts of dying and killing, which can have a bad effect on children, especially a toy gun, and carry an element of violence.

Support your child's mental development with games and toys that strengthen memory.

Contribute to the development of your child with educational toys that develop the skills of selective attention, focus and concentration, piece-whole and shape-ground relationship.

Make sure that the toys you buy develop your child's mathematical, connecting thinking and problem solving skills. Remember that playing with the right toys, their child's mental skills develop faster.

Develop your child's ability to copy, transfer information and develop long-term and short-term memory with games and toys that improve memory.

Improve the ability of most of you to act together, share and communicate socially, as well as the concepts of beat-to-beat with games played in groups.

Entertain him both with his musical toys and improve his learning skill.

Take advantage of the education of music in toys. With the help of musical toys, develop the child's long dexterity and help him explore the limits of his imagination. Educational toys contribute to the spiritual, mental, physical, and development of children. Choose toys with this awareness, keep games and toys that do not meet the EU toy safety and child health criteria away from your children.